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Adidas is one of the largest sportswear companies that sell sports clothing, shoes and equipment. Athletes prefer to wear sports footwear manufactured by them. They design lot of sports specific shoes. The shoes designed by them differ according to the specific sport. The shoes manufactured by Adidas are renowned through three diagonal lines over the shoe. There are An elegant choice for women: converse all star shoes

Today women have become very fashion conscious. They tend to wear something which is not only very comfortable but is also suitable to their personality. Shoes are one important part always. Converse all stars are the light kind of sneakers now made available for women. These are able to offer iconic look and it is one of the best selling shoes all time. With this you can surely stand out of the crowd.

Converse is a shoe brand since 1908. Marquis Converse opened his company in Malden MA. Originally the company was into the business of manufacturing rubber boots. It was the first company to develop athletic shoe for the sport of American basketball.

Chuck Taylor a well known basketball player was known to join the company in 1921. He designed and marketed one of the best models that are all star which is also known as Chucks. In the early days of sport there were many athletes that wore this kind of shoe.

All stars were worn not for the looks but for the comfort and performance it offered. The best part of these shoes was that it was easier on their feet and helped in protecting ankles from injury. Nike purchase Converse in 2003 and then remarketed the brand.

The converse all star light shoe is simple in design bit it has been able to stand the test of time. It is one of the shoes that are comfortable and stylish to suit your everyday wardrobe. These shoes are available with high top or low cut versions. This allows it to go well with majority of the things in your closet. They are also very casual and everyday shoes.

The original material that was used on the upper part of the shoe was canvas. Though canvas is the one that is well liked it is also the one which is available in high top and low cut models. In case you want to get adventurous look then you can prefer converse all stars mid ankle boot or multi strap boot.

The light models of all star shoes can also sustain the iconic style. These shoes are the ones which are not just slim, sleek and light in weight designed for women. The trademark toecap, shape and striping are able to sustain the original basketball shoes. Vulcanized rubber soles of all star give these shoes an additional grip and flexibility.

Canvas models of all stars are available in wide range of colors. Though white and black are the ones which go with many dresses there are some other good colors too which are available. Some good ones you can look at are green, yellow, red and also purple. You can easily develop your distinctive scheme above the site of manufacturer. For the different parts of shoes you can select different patterns and colors too.

These sneakers provide different and distinctive look. From a very long time they have been choice of many. Thus in future also these shoes are going to continue their fashion and trend. casual shoes available by this company like zx flux Australia for daily use.

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