She might like what you wear (and post a photo about it)

Image by Olivia Gossett Gossett's documenting the good and blurring the faces of the guilty.

Go to a timely event, snap some photos of clothing, write a bit of fashion commentary. 

Local street fashion blogs aren't hard to do, and I've seen at least a few come and go in Charleston. The real trick is to get the perfect mix of smart commentary and a little bit of trash talking, and to post regular updates. 

So far, so good for freelancer Olivia Gossett's blog, "I Like What You're Wearing." There's flattery, "Cute boots, thick glasses, matching scarf and Tee color, and a colorful cotton skirt make this the (Charleston) hipster-all-dressed-up version," and a bit of cutting, "The circus left last week. If you're going to do fun, playful, and bright prints, mixing them with a bright and playful color is not the best choice, usually. Think age appropriate, and you should be fine." 

As for timely and current, she's already got a few picks up from Charleston International Film Festival's Friday-night after-party. But those posts go back until just about this time in March.

So let's hope she can keep up that momentum.

Go on, take a gander at