Sean Brock makes an appearance on 'No Reservations'

Image by Travel Channel Anthony Bourdain with Sean Brock on a fishing trawler.

Charleston's much-beloved chef Sean Brock once again encountered the mass-media limelight in the form of an appearance on No Reservations with Anothy Bourdain. 

The Japanese "Cook it Raw" event that brings together renowned chefs to cook in an unfamiliar environment with unknown ingredients.

Bourdain writes a bit about the event and Brock's visit:

This year, COOK IT RAW was held in Ishikawa prefecture in Japan—and NO RESERVATIONS decided to look at the area—-and at the event largely through the eyes of first time invitee to the gathering—and first time visitor to Japan, Charleston South Carolina's Sean Brock. Sean is a young chef from coal country who in a remarkably short period of time has become a big name in the culinary firmament. At his restaurant HUSK, he's been trying to rediscover traditional American heritage foods, source ingredients entirely and exclusively from below the Mason Dixon line—and redefine what "real" Southern cooking is—or could-be. He's a very serious guy (except when he's not) with impeccable taste in bourbon. Watching him discover Japan for the first time was a true joy. 

You can read more about the event on Bourdain's post, and check out a video clip over here (Brock gets a shout out just after the 5 minute mark in the clip).

And a hat tip to the Charleston City Paper who spotted this first and has their own dissecting.