Adrienne Antonson's hair-raising sculptures picked up by Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Image by Adrienne Antonson Yep, that's human hair.

A good friend of TheDigitel's tipped me off to the fact that a former Charlestonian's supremely unique and mesmerizingly beautiful bugs have been purchased by the one-and-only Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum.

Adrienne Antonson, a College of Charleston Studio Arts graduate, recently had six of her insect sculptures purchased by the museum devoted to all things strange.

So, what's so special about these bugs, you ask? Every last one is made from the human hair of her close friends and family.

Made of nothing more than human hair and glue, Antonson's sculptures are both beautiful and haunting. It's no wonder Ripley's picked them up. There hasn't been word back yet on which Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum will be featuring her work, but Antonson says she can't wait to go visit.

Antonson's ties to the Lowcountry, as stated above, go back to her college years. Here's more on her life in Charleston:

I studied Studio Art (painting and sculpture) at C of C. Right out of college I started my first clothing company called Spinster which was a blast. We organized tons of events/ local fashion shows etc. My last year or so in Charleston I came on as Eye Level Art's Gallery Director and curated shows for Kevin Taylor, Ishmael, etc. I also was key in ELA's move to the Spring Street space. My husband Kevin Murphy was an arts writer for the City Paper and now has his own publishing company/literary magazine called Dark Sky Books. (www.darkskybooks) He works with a handful of contributors from Charleston still! All in all I lived there for 8 years!

Check out a slew of insects on Adrienne Antonson's official website under the "Sculpture" tag and get ready to be amazed.