Clothing and vernacular: A Yankee spends 5 years in the South

Image by Flickr user mlhradio Everyone loves a y'all.

Five years after moving from New England, the anonymous author over at Holy City Sinner reflects upon his observations of the South.

In part: 

I’ve spent most of the past week back in my hometown, so I’ve been able to really reflect on those differences. Clothes are the most immediately noticeable difference. Charleston girls wear their summer dresses to just about every event. Concert? Baseball game? Night out on the town? Food truck rodeo? Doesn’t matter. ...

The vernacular is probably my favorite thing about Chucktown though. Now that I’m dating a native of Charleston, I’ve become even more aware of some of differences in speech. Here is a small sampling (aka what I could remember on a moment’s notice) of Charlestonisms.

Y’all - The classic. The collective “you” is just too damn confusing, so this word was created to make things easier.
Might Could do – Another way to say “could do.” “That’s a good idea, but we might could do this instead”
Dislike of people from Ohio – Surprisingly, Ohioans really draw the ire of the people of Charleston. They seem to hate them more than the Damn Yankees.