Day Three of Lulu's Cafe mural by Drew Brophy


I got a chance to spend the whole third work day, Friday, August 31st with Drew Brophy and his family. 

Let me first say how great his family is. Through out the day his wife and son were a constant support for Drew, offering him water at every turn and his son making sure he got down to go eat.

While Drew worked (and sweated) away his family that still lives in town stopped by, old high school friends came to say hello and check out his latest work, and even Twitter followers from the area and one from Wilmintond drove to Lulu's to talk with their favorite artist. Each time Drew didn't hesitate to stop what he was doing and come down from the scaffolding to say hello, chit-chat and sign a few used paint cans. 

Drew was also visited through out the day from local media, The Sun News has some great shots which you can find here. We'll let you know when all the other news sources get their stories up online. 

You can view our story from Day Two of Drew at Lulu's here with photos by Bobby Altman. Also, check out the shots that Scott Smallin from DotDotDot Mag shared with us over at our Facebook page. For more photos of the awesomeness, local photographer Gregory Letts has been out every day documenting the mural, you can find those here

Below you'll find day three, four and five as told through social media and our super cool (if I do say so myself) time lapse video from day three. Enjoy!

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