Telling the story of Charleston's Reeves & Son Shoe Repair on King Street

Image by Storyography The storefront.

If you're a local you've likely noticed the Reeves & Son Shoe Repair on Upper King Street. Though I've never been inside, to me the spot has always served as a window into the past of the now rapidly gentrifying "design district." 

So I was rather glad to hear that local videographer Adam Boozer had managed to befriended owner and operator Doris Dixon to capture her story, and Boozer did so splendidly in video format getting not only her story but the visuals of the space and its sounds.

Take a gander at the video story over here.

Oh, and he's promising more "stories of compelling individuals across numerous race, economic, religious and geographic categories. We capture and share these stories via film, photography, interactive and written mediums" in the Storyography project.

Hope to see more of them and we'll be sure to pass along links to any local ones that pop up.

Worth a mention is that last year The Post and Courier did a short profile on the Reeves & Son that mentions a few more facts; you can read that here.