We do the photo roundup of the rainbow sensation (updated)

Image by Adam BoozerImage by 20090924-rainbow.jpg Perhaps the best shot of the rainbow all day, snapped with a iPhone using the Vint Green app.

Update September 25; added a shot of a rainbow over the new North Charleston City Hall.

Rainbows are pretty, and the one that formed after Wednesday's showers was no exception.

As you would expect, pretty things create some camera snapping on Twitter. And so, the idea came up to do a roundup of the best.

Here you go:

Hunter Laird

Twitter user @MeghanWeinreich


Twitter user @Rebecca_D

North Charleston's new city hall is
apparently the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Taken by the city.


Here's a few more of the standouts that we weren't able to get the OK to republish:

The credit for this story idea goes out to Kristin Walker.