Why haven't you been to the Charleston Museum?

Image by Flickr user martin_kalfatovic This is as close to the Charleston Museum as many locals ever get.

The Charleston Museum used to quite literally be in my backyard of an apartment I rented several years back, and yet I never been stopped in.


The Charleston City Paper — writing in an unsigned feature — comments that it's not an unusual phenomenon for locals to look past the primely located and austere looking building at 360 Meeting Street.

Still the paper says it's well worth a visit, in part: "It feels a little dated — especially when you see some of the hairstyles in the informative videos scattered throughout the exhibits — but it gets the point across: This is the history of Charleston. From the earliest signs of Native American life to that whole Civil War thing, everything you've ever needed to know about the background of this city is at this museum. I was a history major in college (granted, in a different state), and while South Carolina's past was never my forte, I was surprised to find myself nodding along to facts I'd never actually heard of."

Take a read of the piece over here.

If you're still on the fence about a visit, local Chrys Rynearson has some lovely shots of the museum on his Flickr stream.

Standard adult tickets cost $10.