Mepkin Abbey switches from eggs to growing mushrooms (more on the mighty mushroom)

Image by Flickr user funginerd

Update February 9: The monks at Mepkin Abbey have found a strong following for their oyster mushrooms here in the Lowcountry.

From downtown restaurants to big name grocery stores, the oyster mushroom is really making a name for itself.

The Post and Courier has an article on the Mepkin Abbey mushrooms' popularity along with tips and tricks to cooking with and storing the tasty little morsels.

First reporting: After PETA gave Mepkin Abbey a hard time over their egg production, the monks have quit the egg business and are now growing white oyster mushrooms



You can find the monks' mushrooms at several area restaurants and at many local Piggly Wigglys and Newton Farms -- here's a map. The area restaurants are currently: Slightly North of Broad, High Cotton, McCrady's, Cypress, and Anson. Here's what they say about it:

It is with great pleasure that we announce the arrival of our mushrooms in select Piggly Wiggly and Newton Farms stores on Wednesday. For over 40 years, the monks of Mepkin have striven to provide you with only the highest quality of local fresh eggs and are prepared to continue that same attentiveness to quality with Mepkin Abbey Mushrooms. Our White Oyster Mushrooms will also be featured in select downtown Charleston restaurants. Below is a list of places you can find a growing variety of Mepkin Abbey Mushrooms.