La Belle Amie Vineyard hosting 'Whole Lotta Shakin' Oldies Music Fest'

Flickr user PilyF.

Enjoy food, wine and music tomorrow, Saturday August 20th, La Belle Amie Vineyard is hosting the Whole Lotta Shakin' Music Festival. 

Festival goers will enjoy music from Tammy’s Tangent (warning auto-playing music), food from Hunts Lexington Style Cooking and wine from La Belle Amie. Also at the event, festival goers can enjoy a tour of the vineyard, and pick up some crafts and gifts from the La Belle Amie gift shop. 

The Festival runs from 12:00-5:00pm, admission is $8.00 per person. Remember that this is an outdoor festival so be sure to bring a blanket or lawn chairs to enjoy the live music, wine and friends. 

Myrtle Beach on the Cheap has a scoop on discounted admission, so hop on over to see how you can get $3.00 off ticket price

Upcoming events at La Belle Amie Vineyard:

September 3 - Summer Breeze Music Fest
October 1 - Big Band Sounds Festival
October 15 - Rock Back The Clock Festival
November 5 - Island Fever Music Festival
November 19 - WineStock


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