New Year, new drink?

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New Year's is a time of reflecting on the past year and dreaming of the coming of the next. It's a time for old acquaintance be forgot and never thought upon. And it's a time to let your hair down and party a bit. 

Of course not all New Year's parties are about sipping on your favorite cocktail but for those who like that sort of thing, The Sun News has a write-up about old stand-by favorites and the enticing new drinks that get all the coeds Tweeting. 

Speaking of drinks for New Year's, there are quite a few apps out there for your smart phone. So if you can't think of that new drink you want to try or none of your old standbys sounds good checkout these apps below for your night out and or impress your friends and loved ones during your at-home New Years party with your extensive knowledge of drink recipes.



Head on over to The Sun News to read their write-up new favorites vs. tried and true libations for 2012, also read up on the New Years 'it' drink from the Bryant Park Hotel Cellar Bar in New York.

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