Art Therapy: Using art to soothe

I bet there is a reason that we all tend to doodle on napkins, notebooks and nicknacks. Have you ever started an illustration and just got so engulfed in your piece of ‘art’ that you blocked out your surroundings? Whether you are a gifted artist, or not, the act of creating something beautiful can be mesmerizing.

That is the idea grounding a new wave of art therapy that is now sweeping threw your own Lowcountry. Headed by Dianne Tennyson, Art Connects Us is a studio in Mt. Pleasant that heals people through the power of art.

Here's a bit from the Art Connects Us Web site:
Working in a physical and visual medium such as drawing, painting, or sculpting, helps you uncover unconscious or emotionally charged feelings that would otherwise be impossible to access simply through verbal means. These techniques work for children, adolescents and adults, and can be applied by art therapists to help individuals, couples, families, and other small groups to break unhealthy psychological and emotional barriers and nurture a sense of community.

If your having trouble expressing your emotions, or just want to connect spiritually through art, then please contact Dianne Tennyson at jenndiann [at] or call her at (843) 884-9479. She also offers plain ol’ art classes, so get artsy by calling (843) 881-1799.