A Confederate Christmas tree

Image by Rocky DImage by 20081215-confederate-christmas.jpg No, not Captain America. It's Captain Confederacy.

Proud-of-the-South radio show host Rocky D is bursting with pride over his Christmas tree. The host at 1250 WTMA has filled the evergreen with ornaments of hunters, a sand dollar with a Confederate flag painted on it, and, yes, Captain Confederacy.

You can check it out on D's Web site.

But, John Stoehr over at The Charleston City Paper was none-to-impressed with it, saying in part:
I don’t mind all this Confederate stuff. The degree to which it’s protected by the likes of Rocky D ought to signal its true impotence. Even so, I sense Rocky doesn’t take himself seriously. I wonder if anyone else does. Perhaps his character, a thoroughly refined invention, is some kind of elaborate postmodern prank a la Charlie Kaufman.

Maybe. But I say, go check out the tree and bask in its glory.