2014 Bridge Run posters are here

The above is the winning poster for the 37th annual Cooper River Bridge Run.

It's designer, Marcus Terry, hails from Charlotte, N.C.

The organizers also announced a second winning poster for the Kids Run, that winning design comes from the late 9-year-old Peyton Johnson Moore.

Here are more details from the Run:

Marcus currently practices architecture with RPA Design. He is married to his wife, Tonya, and has two children, John, 10, and newborn daughter Amelia.

His design was inspired when he was actually running the bridge! Terry said, "When running on the bridge and approaching the pylons, the stay cables seem to stretch past you in all directions creating a fascinating visual pattern that draw your eye straight through the bridge itself, motivating you to power through! The colors selected were meant to reflect the bright and vibrant character of the City of Charleston and its residents who open their arms to us year after year."

The winner of the 2014 CRBR Kids Run & Wonderfest is the late PEYTON JOHNSON MOORE! Peyton was born September 10, 2003, in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, to Jennifer and Noah Moore. He loved sports and being outdoors and was a member of The Mount Pleasant Track Club,the Charleston Running Club, Charleston Runs, and USA Track and Field. He coached adults in the "Couch to 5K" groups with his father, tutored students and was Peyton ran the Cooper River Bridge Kids Run from 2005 to 2012 and then ran the Cooper River Bridge 10K in 2013. At his young age he was full of inspiration and encouragement to everyone around him. But with all of this involvement in clubs and sports, nothing meant more in the world to Peyton than spending time with his family.

2014 CRBR Kids Run & Wonderfest Winning Artwork by the late Peyton Moore

This is the second year that the Kids Run & Wonderfest will have an official design. Peyton Moore's winning design will be featured on t-shirts, posters and all distributed promotional material for the race set for Friday, April 4, 2013.

Julian Smith, Cooper River Bridge Run Race Director said, "It is an honor to have Peyton's artwork for this year's Kids Run and Wonderfest. His design was a favorite among the community and the judges. This young man touched so many hearts, was such a huge part of the running community, and is a true inspiration to us all...so we are dedicating this year's Kids Run to him!"

The winners were determined in a two-step process: a "People's Choice" voting and a private judging. This is the first year we incorporated the "People's Choice" portion where fans casted their votes on their favorite designs which counted as 25% of the total votes. The remaining 75% of the votes were caste at a private judging by local dignitaries, community designers and past Cooper River Bridge Run Design winners.

Smith added, "We received an overwhelming contribution from the community during the People's Choice voting – thousands and thousands of people voted which made a huge impact on the winning designs. We can't wait to see the involvement during next year's People's Choice voting process."

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners and their families! We are looking forward to all of the awesome 2014 Cooper River Bridge Run festivities already!


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