Photo feature: Fun with 35mm film and a fisheye lens

Image by Flickr user Perctheory Image by 20090118-becca.jpg

College of Charleston student Becca has been experimenting with some 35mm film and a fisheye lens. The end product is fun area photos with great colors.

Go check out her Charleston pics.

Here's a few words she shot over to us:
My grandfather was a photographer and I've always felt inspired by him. I used to concentrate completely on digital cameras but I have a bad habit of either breaking them or having the cameras decide they don't want to work anymore. So recently, with all of my Charleston shots, I've been using a 35 mm film fisheye camera. It is practically unbreakable and creates an interesting warped view that I love.

She says she doesn't plan on making a career out of photography, but she should keep practicing it as she seems to have some solid talent.

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