80 years in, Brookgreen Gardens still a dream come true

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Sculptress Anna Hyatt Huntington and her poet husband, Archer Milton Huntington, moved to South Carolina due to illness, but ended up creating a national treasure.

One of the biggest attractions along the Grand Strand is Brookgreen Gardens. Before the Huntington's owned the land it was home to a rice plantation and hunting lodge that went bankrupt, but when Anna Huntington saw it, she saw her dream come true. For 80 years that dream has been seen by millions of people. 

Brookgreen Gardens is home to 1,400 pieces created by more than 350 sculptors. Huntington, who had no formal art training made, a name for herself across the country and the world. One of her most famous pieces resides on Riverside Drive, New York City and has many full size replicas all across the world, along with smaller versions in museums

However, Anna Huntington's greatest achievement is Brookgreen Gardens, which is celebrating it's 80th year. In honor of this, The Sun News has a fantastic write-up of the history of Brookgreen Gardens, which we highly suggest you all head over and check out


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