Dissecting Fairey's 'Hope' poster and his approach to art

Image by WikipediaImage by fairey.jpg Fairey poses with the Obama Hope poster at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. A note about "local:" Keeping up with Shepard Fairey coverage is an interesting point in our focus on local. On one hand we feel we should cover Fairey as he's from Charleston, but on the other hand, our native son doesn't exactly show a lot of interest in the Holy City. If you feel that we should show the same amount of interest in him, do let us know.

Steven Heller,  co-chair of the MFA Design Department at the School of Visual Arts, has some interesting insights -- and harsh words -- for Shepard Fairey, the creator of the darling and iconic "Hope" image of Barack Obama. 

Hop over to The New York Times' The Moment blog to take a read and see a discection of Fairey's other "substituion" work in the piece titled "Graphic Content | Shepard Fairey Is Not a Crook."

If you're not already familiar with the saga, Shepard Fairey drew upon someone else's photograph to create the poster. An act for which he's been accused of copyright infrigment by the Associated Press.

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