Passing Notion: Piccolo Spoleto's local multimedia showcase

Image by Artist on Fire

"Could there be more than meets the eye to the things we see and the experiences we encounter?" 

There are some things in life you just cannot explain, and Passing Notion is a creative exploration of these occurrences.

Featuring live art, music, photography, film, sculpture, and more, Passing Notion is Piccolo Spoleto's multimedia visual arts feature event showcasing a myriad of local artists such as painters Alex Radin and Ameila Whaley, photographer Kimberly Krauk, and several other sculptors, poets, and even architects.  Throughout it's 17-day exhibition, over 20 musical performers and 15 live art performers will appear alongside the exhibit as well.

Produced by local group Artist on Fire, Passing Notion will appear at the Citadel Square Baptist Church at 328 Meeting St, and is free and open to the public.  The exhibit's opening reception will be May 28th from 5 to 9 p.m., and the exhibit will run through June 13th.

For more info check out the Piccolo Spoleto Festival website here, or click over to Artist on Fire's page here.

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