The story of a pair of Rabbit reviews

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Story of a Rabbit: Is it a show about a show? Or just too "sophomoric?"

Get more coverage in our Spoleto special section. Dan Conover was rather pleased and writes in The City Paper:

Story of a Rabbit is theater for the internet age, where the audience is quite literally required to "edit the story together," and that direct acknowledgment of the audience as a set of individual experiences is truly its point.

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However The Post and Courier's "Spoleto Overview Critic" was not nearly as entranced:

The spoken "insights" into the show's ostensible subject — death — were glib and sophomoric, a seeming effort to link the death of a neighbor's pet rabbit and that of a beloved father. "Show, don't tell" is among the first lessons offered to would-be writers, and it is one that Hughes should take to heart. When he "shows," as in his recreation of grief's devastation, he is sometimes achingly effective. When he "tells," he is too often a garrulous bore.

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Love it or hate it, it doesn't really matter 'cause the last shows are today, and they're all sold out.

Update May 25: To top things off, The City Paper's John Stoehr writes that there seems to be some confusion about this play being more "innocent" than it actually is. I could see how the title might mislead.

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