Two dead in separate Charleston shootings (updated x2: no connections established)

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Update August 24:

Police Chief Greg Mullen has declared that his investigators have found no connection between the two deadly shootings that occurred in downtown Charleston's north side on Saturday.

The Post and Courier has the update.

Update August 23:

The man who was fatally shot near Woolfe and Nassau streets has been identified as Darron Heyward, 36, who lived in the East Side neighborhood where the shoot occurred. 

The investigation into both shootings continues, but no new information other than the second victim's name has been released.

The Post and Courier The Post and Courier has the post.

First reporting:

Two men are dead following two shootings in the City of Charleston on Saturday, August 22.

The first occurred near 4 p.m. at the  Bridgeview Village, and a second near 9 p.m. Woolfe and Nassau streets (map bellow). It's not clear if the shootings are connected, but police are already concerned of retaliation shootings.

The Post and Courier has a solid story about what happened Saturday night; read it here.

ABC News 4 has some raw video footage from each scene.

Memory reminds of at least one other fatal shooting at the Bridgeview Village since 2008.

This brings the City of Charleston's homicide count to six for 2010, in 2009 were nine, and 14 in 2008.

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