VESTIGES/trinitas Exhibition at The Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery

Frank Aymami
"The Cool Zone" shows the New Orleans' Six Flags in a post-Katrina state.

The Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery, in direct affiliation with Coastal Carolina University located in Conway, South Carolina is pleased to announce the exhibition “VESTIGES/trinitas” which will feature the work of artists of New Orleans, Louisiana. 

After the floods post-Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005, many artists were unable to return to the area. “Trinitas” brings together displaced New Orleans artists with members of their former community in a large-scale, wetlands-inspired wall installation assembled as the result of a call for submissions initiated and configured by Jan Gilbert and Debra Howell of The VESTIGES Project of New Orleans. The overall response from participants, both those forced to relocate post-Katrina and those remaining in New Orleans, expresses a relief in this opportunity to reflect upon the call for submissions seeking small baggies filled with the artistʼs own vestiges: traces of objects or items that are missed or lost.

 The VESTIGES/trinitas exhibit opened September 1st and runs through October 7th at The Bryan Art Gallery, EHFA Room 128. Featuring the work of New Orleans Artists:

  • Brian Nolan- photography
  • Frank Aymami – photography
  • Rontherin Ratliff – mixed media
  • Jan Gilbert, Debra Howell, and Krista Jurisich, - collaborative photo-based works. 

“This exhibition is intended to gather participating artists for reflection, and discussion with our coastal community in celebration of hope, progress, and the importance of our communalities” says Rachel Harris-Beck, exhibitions coordinator for The Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery. “We are proud to be involved in a project which will reunite communities, develop new perspectives, and explore progress made despite tragedy and moments of despair” she states.

The Vestiges Project is an ongoing collaborative of New Orleans artists and writers formed in 1984 in New Orleans that focuses on investigating the interconnection of image and text and producing works that transcend exclusively visual or verbal modes of communication and perception. 


Contact Rachel Harris-Beck/Gallery Assistant: 843-349-6454 for more information.

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