Batch Charleston Hires Local Director to Hand-Select Purveyors and Artisan Items

Charleston, S.C.—Batch Charleston recently hired Kelly Sherrill as the local director of and curator for its subscription and gift box company. In her new role, Sherrill searches for and locates the best culinary goods and artisan items in the Lowcountry for inclusion in Batch Charleston’s monthly subscription boxes and other gift offerings.

“I hand-select the best of what’s made here and develop relationships with purveyors,” says Sherrill, who brings to the job a background in food sales with companies including Pillsbury and Twinings. “I personally vet and meet all the purveyors and people behind the products. Hearing their stories, tasting their products and seeing how they’re made—the most rewarding part is meeting them and being able to share and be a part of their passion.”

Sherrill is excited to showcase these items in Batch Charleston’s popular $29.99 month-to-month subscription, featuring items made in and around Charleston with free shipping. Each month’s subscription box is full of items equal to or more than retail value, and the contents are always a surprise. Each box includes details about that month's contents so recipients learn who made the goods and where to find more.

“I call it a ‘discovery box,’” says Sherrill. “The thing about Charleston is there’s such a varied array of artisan food companies. It’s a great repertoire to pull from, including a lot of foods indigenous to Charleston,” she says. “A lot of our purveyors are keeping these tastes alive, and much of it harkens back to the past to when these items were produced on a small scale, with local, natural, close-to-home ingredients.” 

Batch Charleston specializes in customized, hand-crafted Lowcountry products for companies, events, corporate and weddings gifts, and special occasions including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and more. “For a wedding or corporate client, we can create a custom batch that offers something a little over and above the typical gift,” says Sherrill, who combs area festivals, farmers markets and community events to find niche purveyors. “Charleston is a great community and local maker scene, and they’re so willing to support each other.”

“Everybody loves Charleston, has been here or wants to come here,” says Sherrill. “And because of that, everybody wants a little piece of Charleston.” 


Batch Charleston is a monthly subscription and gift box company that brings the best of the Lowcountry to your doorstep each month. Using local purveyors, makers and artisans, Batch has options for personal and corporate gifts, as well as weddings and special events.