Tabbuli Grill rejuvenates Charleston's Mediterranean food scene

Image by Tabbuli Grill Their Kofta Kabob made of spiced ground beef.

Those on the Charleston peninsula that love some good Mediterranean mainstays like hummus and tabbuli were dealt a big blow when word broke that Doe's Pita was closing.

Well just two weeks later they have something to celebrate: the opening of Tabbuli Grill. 

The Charleston City Paper was first to sniff this one out and has much of the basic info you'll need to know; read it here.

The spot is located at 6 North Market Street (across from the Exchange Building) in downtown Charleston and offers up a pretty robust menu from tahini salad to kofta burger to American staples like chicken finger baskets. They even offer up a fairly Americanized breakfast. Most items are well under $10, and have free delivery.

You can scope out their full menu on their website.

Also offered is a patio, free wi-fi, and hookah. Oh, and they seem pretty active on Twitter and Facebook.

The restaurant is part of Charleston Hospitality Group which also owns The Market Street Saloon, Toast! Restaurant, and Charleston Downtown Limo. The building used to be home to High Tide Cafe