Mixson’s new courtyard open to public

Image by MixsonImage by 20081124-mixson.jpg The square in action.

Mixson's first public space represents a distilled essence of the project. The Post and Courier writes:
Keane (of Keane and Co.) says Mixson's design also fulfills the spirit of Park Circle's original early 20th-century plan of a central park fronted by larger home lots while several diagonal streets, such as Durant Avenue and East Montague Avenue, have dense housing and commercial uses.
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Mixson’s new courtyard is a public space in North Charleston’s Park Circle. Planned around an oak tree, the area was inspired by the Pirates Courtyard near the Battery in downtown Charleston.

Hop over to The Post and Courier for a rundown of the how and why.

As a creation of the I’On Group, Mixson’s new courtyard is a great place to bring your stroller, a book and some snacks for a relaxing afternoon outside.