New online mag aims for more coverage of Charleston's culture

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If you've had your ear to Charleston's Web, then you likely know that we've got a new online magazine in town: Charlie.

The formally stated goal is to celebrate Charleston's "fashion, society, current issues, travel, food and wine, local people, places, art, design, literature and health & beauty."

But, I asked the magazine's publisher, Caroline Nuttall, for a short comment about what they're looking to do. Here's what she said:
Charlie is all about celebrating progressive culture in Charleston. I really want it to be a platform to give the community a voice. That's why we'll have a very active social network through Facebook and Twitter. Above all, I hope it will inspire people to continue doing great cultural things that are moving our city forward.

What I'll be most interested to see is how their battery of local contributers can engage Charleston's alienated Web readership.

Here's a quick link to their Twitter profile and their Facebook profile.

We'll be reading Charlie and point out their highlights -- but it's all new and noteworthy right now, so hop on over and check it out.