Profiling three Charleston shops that re-use discarded items for new furniture (updated)

Image by Flickr user proforged

Updates are at the bottom:

The Post and Courier has a solid profile of three local businesses that are re-using wood and glass that has reached the end of its first life to make new desk, chairs, countertops and more.

Take a read of that piece here.

And now that I've linked you over to the paper's article, here are links to those three businesses: 

- (Up) Cycle Interiors that reuses wood, glass, metal and more to make desks, chairs, bed frames and more.

Wain Green Wood on King Street repurposes discarded wood into desks, benches, and more.

Fisher Recycling that recycles glass bottles into custom countertops. 

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Update September 19: We've discovered another company that The Post and Courier failed to add to their profile.

Charleston Recycled's furniture is crafted from authentic Charleston, South Carolina doors, windows, artifacts and 100-year-old wood from the colonial period to the craftsman era. The pieces made by Charleston Recycled are a part of the city's past, and you can take a look at some of their offerings every Saturday at the Charleston Farmers Market in Marion Square.

The video posted above is a segment that was produced for Time Warner Cable's program, Around Carolina.