CEO of a wine-by-the-glass distributed in Charleston to appear on 'Shark Tank' (Update: No deal, again)

Image by Screencap via YouTube

Update, April 16: Copa Di Vino founder James Martin did not have any Sharks on his side, again. 

Martin, is the only person to come back to ABC's Shark Tank for a second time, and for the second time left without a deal. From the Sharks perspective Martin was playing games and not serious with their offer(s). But Martin, held on to his belief that his company was worth more than what the Sharks were offering. 

Watch Martin's second appearance on Shark Tank above.

First reporting, April 11: For the first time ever on ABC's "Shark Tank," an entrepreneur who walked away from a deal returns to the Tank and is given another chance at the American dream.

James Martin, Owner of Copa Di Vino, based in Charleston, SC declined a deal that didn't make sense to him last year. This Friday at 8:00 p.m. ET, he'll face the sharks again. Watch it to find out if they'll partner with him this time to continue to grow the single serve, ready-to-drink wine business opportunity!

Find Copa locally here

Currently, Shark Tank is looking for season four business and entrepreneurs, if you know of any worthy and great #MYR businesses let them know and direct them over to here to sign up