Behind the scenes on Charleston's waterways

The Charleston City Paper takes a look at those who work the waterways of the Lowcountry in a slideshow on their Web site. The slideshow shares images of life on the water, including a diverse array of the people who depend on it for their livelihoods. As the City Paper's Josh Curry writes:

Far from the shops and restaurants downtown, Charleston’s tidal cycles bring food, life, and prosperity. Shrimpers, crabbers, fishermen, and a wide variety of tradesmen rely on the ocean, harbor, and rivers to raise families and to make a living for themselves. Long hours, changing weather patterns, fluctuating market prices, and rising fuel costs all take their toll. The people who choose this kind of life do it because they love it.

And in another look at life on the water, the Charleston Regional Business Journal reports that local fisherman Adam Paul landed his own television show last month:

After years of fishing the world’s waters, Adam Paul is finally reeling in the big one: a TV show. LLC, headquartered on East Bay Street in downtown Charleston, recently scored a contract with Leverage Sports to produce a reality-based sports fishing show that will air in a minimum of 30 U.S. markets starting June 1.