With a new Amtrak station in the works, what to do with the old one? (updated)

Update August 2: Live 5 News made it out to the meeting where the idea of a revamp was welcomed.

As were ideas like converting it to a civil rights museum or using the location for a farmers market.

I'll point you to their video report for a look at how the meeting went and some general shots of the station today (watch it over here or up top.)

Oh and the station notes a fun tidbit I wasn't aware of, at a high of 80,000 people per year the station is the busiest train station in South Carolina — not that there's much competition. 

First reporting August 29: Perhaps you've heard about the new bus, train, and taxi "Intermodal Transportation Center" due for North Charleston?

Well funding is slowly coming for it and once it's open Amtrak will undoubtedly be thrilled to leave behind its ancient circa-1956 building on East Montague Avenue. But the question becomes: what to do with the old structure. 

Ideas are circulating from a train museum to civil right museum to any sort of economic development effort for the surrounding neighborhood — and local leaders are hoping for the public's input. 

The Post and Courier has a report on what's up and when the meetings are; take a read here.

And if you've never checked out the old station, go watch our video profile from way back in 2008.