Charleston Beer Exchange named #2 beer retailer on Earth (update: #1 in the U.S. Again!)

Image by Flickr user Erwyn van der Meer This guy is clearly a regular customer.

Update January 26 - Ratebeer has done it again.  Although international rankings aren't clear, they have once again been recognized as the #1 beer retailer in the U.S. as part of the site's 2012 "Best Of" listing!  

Cheers, boys!

First reporting: released their annual "RateBeer Best" lists today. Lo and behold, our very own Charleston Beer Exchange is sitting in the silver medal spot for "Best Beer Retailers."

It's worth noting that the #1 spot is held by a Belgian retailer, making CBX the highest rated beer retailer in these United States by RateBeer users.  This is no small feat, as RateBeer is "widely recognized as the most accurate and most-visited source for beer information" (according to their site).  At the very least, they share the stage with BeerAdvocate as one of two authoritative sources for beer info and discussion online.

Being both gentlemen and scholars, the CBXers will likely acknowledge this stellar achievement with a modest smile and a thank you.  The fact is, the store rocks and they deserve the credit.  That said, next year I want to see Greenville Beer Exchange join them on the top 5!

Cheers, boys!

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