offering up Groupon-like deals, but it only costs you a buck

Image by Provided The InTown “Buck Truck” will be launching soon -- with money in it!, a new, innovative online discount platform has Charleston-area residents saving on their favorite products and services – everything from food and beverage, shopping, spa/salons, travel, pets, and auto for just one dollar per deal.

Businesses can post their own offers, creating the deals, terms and timelines that best suit their company. Consumers are able to browse discounts offered by well-known businesses and then purchase a one-dollar coupon and redeem it with merchants.

In addition to the more than 250 local merchants’ deals on the site, is offering weekly contests via Facebook that are free of charge. Participants are simply asked to “like” the offer or “share” it with friends and they are entered to win the weekly prizes—everything ranging from shopping sprees to a year of car washes.

“We are giving control back to merchants and putting them in the driver’s seat by allowing them to post and manage their own customized deals,” said InTown founder and CEO Steven Dolloff. “InTown streamlines the process. We offer businesses the benefit of a platform with no profit sharing, while consumers get discounted offers for just one dollar. Once the deal is purchased, the merchants and consumers interact directly to complete the transaction.”

The idea for InTown came to businessman Steven Dolloff when he saw flaws in the existing online “deal” model, as well as with traditional advertising methods. Dolloff believed that a real-time online platform could be created, enabling a wide variety of merchants to self-post their deals. InTown only sells the coupon created by the merchant, giving the consumer the rights to the merchant’s deal for one dollar. This unique revenue model will allow the consumer to take the coupon directly to the merchant and the merchant will receive their money, with no middle man. In addition, InTown helps consumers because, rather than them paying for the entire deal up front and receiving a voucher, multiple deals are available for a dollar each with minimal loss for unredeemed coupons.

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