TheDigitel's CitySearch: The votes are in but this one's not over just yet

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Charlotte was by far the strongest poller, and Chapel Hill came in a distant second. 

There were also some surprises in there like the strong showing of Charlottesville, Virginia, which was not even on the ballot.

So here's the deal, this race isn't over yet, but we've got a pretty strong sense of where the next Digitel will be. So we're headed up to take a closer look at Chapel Hill and Charlotte.

To all those that voted, and the 9,103 that visited the ballots, thanks so much. Even if we didn't pick your town this time around, know that we plan to be doing another city very soon.

And to Charlotte and Chapel Hill, we'll be in touch. To those of you from those cities that asked us to get in touch, we will. And we'll be sharing details with when we'll be in town and where you can come to chat.

Want to get on the notify list? Drop us a line:

Thanks again for voting!

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