A trip to Boeing in Seattle to preview Charleston's new 787 plant

Image by Flickr user cheukiecfu

Labor lawsuit or not, Boeing's $750 million, 1.1-million square foot North Charleston 787 assembly plant continues to near completion.

With that in mind, Live 5 News recently went to the other coast to have a look at the "identical" Seattle facility to give all of us an idea of what will happen inside the Lowcountry's massive behemoth. 

(Quick note: It's worth a look for both the imagery and text, but unfortunately the interview audio is busted on the video, so just watch it for the pretty pictures. And save yourself some time -- I already poked all over the site. Hopefully they'll get it fixed soon.)

Take a gander here.

As for when business is due to get underway, back in September 2010 word was operation in summer 2011 and planes rolling off in the spring of 2012.

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