Angelo's is moving to a bigger building

Screenshot: AngelosTagVideo2011

After 30 years, Angelo's Steak and Pasta will have a new, bigger, and better building to call home. 

Angelo's new location is just down the street and is more than double the size of their current space at 13,700 sq ft.  It has been used by other restaurants in the past and was once a time-share and Pavilack Realty. Myrtle Beach Restaurant News reports that the seating for the new building is more than 400, which doubles the current capacity. 

But not everything has changed, The Sun News reports that the "backbone of the business hasn't changed: same employees -- about 50 now but that swells to 80 in the summer -- and the same Italian recipes and the trademark steaks that are delivered to the table in cast-iron skillets." With all the new room that Angelo's has they will be adding new items to their buffet, but insist that the recipes of all their favorites are staying untouched. 

You can get your last meal at the current Angelo's location this Wednesday, October 3, 2012, and then enjoy your first meal at their new place the next day. 

Read all about Angelo's new digs in Dawn Bryant's write-up over at The Sun News.  And make sure to check out TSN's photos as well. Additionally, Becky Billingsley from Myrtle Beach Restaurant News has a piece on it as well. 

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