Baked, gaining popularity and great reviews

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Recently, a mini-review of Baked, Charleston's new bakery and coffee shop on East Bay Street, popped up over at A Space Apart.

An excerpt:

We've heard recently nothing but gushing praise about Charleston’s newest sweet tooth center. It’s called Baked and is on East Bay Street and we went in once to check it out but it was so hot in there we had to flee and go catch our wind beneath a Palmetto tree. Anyway, steaminess aside, Baked is a laid back affair, part lounge, part diner, part coffee/pastry shop. And in very little time they have developed a loyal fan base who go back, again and again and again.

And that got us thinking about the great little bake shop's food, drink, ambiance, and, arguably best of all, free wireless Internet. We podcasted with the owners way back in February and can personally vouch for the pre-slathered-in-jam biscuits and salty sweet cupcakes. They also tell us everything in the bakeshop is made fresh that day.

You can get a full rundown of their offerings on their Web site. -- And, The Charleston City Paper did up a more flushed-out review on the a few months back.

Baked has two locations, one in New York, and one located on 160 East Bay Street downtown (we're guessing you're more interested in that one).

-- Amanda Click contributed to this article.

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