Moe's Crosstown Tavern closed for renovations (re-opening!)

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Update November 7: We've just gotten word from an inside source that Moe's Crosstown will be re-opening her doors on Tuesday night.

A soft opening for friends and family is scheduled to take place from 7 to 9 p.m., then from 9 p.m. on, all are welcome to come in, grab a burger, wings and beer and check out the new digs.

The Charleston City Paper has some photos from inside of Moe's - the sacred eating spot on Rutledge Avenue. Check 'em out.

Update May 23: Seaman Construction Co. Inc. is hard at work on the massive renovation project that is taking place at Moe's Crosstown. 

I swung by this morning to scope out the progress, and due to insurance reason, wasn't able to get inside. However, after chatting it up with a lovely gentleman on the construction crew, here's what I learned:

Moe's is being restored to have the same look and feel that loyal patrons have grown to know and love. The original chairs, tables and all that jazz will be brought back in, but the plumbing, electrical and structural aspects will be all new. The upstairs is being turned into a space that may be rented out for parties and events. I'm not sure if these will come into play or not, but there are two nice looking porches underway, one upstairs and one downstairs. 

And now, the answer to the $64 question: when will Moe's Crosstown re-open? According to the construction crew, doors will open some time in August.

First reporting: Rumors had been flying around town and Twitter that Moe's Crosstown Tavern, arguably the best dive bar in Charleston was closed for good.

Luckily, those dirty rumors have been put to rest by owner Mike Tronoski. According to Tronoski, Moe's voluntarily closed its door for some renovation action and will be reopening as soon as they are completed. No exact date has been set, but don't fret, they'll be back.

The Charleston City Paper has the skinny; hop over and check it out.

For those of you who can't survive without a half priced-burger Tuesday or the super tasty Moe's menu, Moe's Downtown is still going strong at 5 Cumberland Street.

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A lot has been going on with

A lot has been going on with this tavern, but now things are clear, it's going to be renovated and later reopened. Since the furnishings will not be changed, at least they can use some aluminum louvers to match the new heating and cooling system. Many people are customers here, so they must do their best to complete the renovations as soon as possible.