Is restaurant business down along the Grand Strand? (Update: Lots of closures recently)

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Update 8/9: Talking with a few restaurant owner friends they have said that before the 4th of July their business had been slow, but that weekend and the rest of July may have saved their summer. 

Unfortunately, some local restaurants haven't been so lucky. Becky Billingsley of Myrtle Beach Restaurant News keeps tabs on all the openings and closings of restaurants all across the Grand Strand and from the looks at some of her recent headlines, more establishments have shuttered their doors this past month than opened. 

It may be important to note that the recent reported closings are of newer, less established eateries and we've see no established or big chain restaurant closings so far this season. We'll make sure to check in with Becky at the end of the season to see which other Grand Strand restaurants may have fallen victim to this soft economy. 

First Report 8/8: Myrtle Beach is known for having thousands of restaurants that cater to the millions of tourists we see each year, but are tourists choosing to dine in more this summer season?

WMBF News has a report on area restaurants success so far this winding down summer season. Many area restaurants aren't seeing the numbers this season as they have the past few years, but some are managing just fine and even up over last year. 

If tourism is up this year, but restaurant numbers are down is this a sign of more tourists choosing to buy their meals at the grocery store and dine in? Checkout WMBF's report below and hop on over for the full write-up

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