Savannah Bee Company adds local Charleston honey to their shelves

Image by Flickr user alsjhc

The Savannah Bee Company announced today that it has added a local "Charleston Honey" to the craft honeys for sale in their King Street store.

Charleston Honey is a wildflower honey sourced from the Ashepoo River near Charleston. The Savannah Bee Company supports local beekeepers and raises awareness about the benefits of eating local honey.

"I love finally being able to offer a local honey to the people of Charleston and to visitors that want to take a piece of Charleston home with them," said Ted Dennard, owner of the Savannah Bee Company. "This honey was made on the Ashepoo River and has a nice floral taste of the Charleston Lowcountry. This should make the chefs and locavores happy to have a honey sourced so close to town. The label design is very different from anything we've ever done and I believe is the best yet. That makes it a perfect gift."

Swing by the shop, located at 216 King Street, and get your jar today.

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