30 years of Myrtle Beach interstate connector talks (Update: Sun News report)

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Update January 1, 2012: The Sun News has a write-up on the Grand Strand's 20 year hunt for I-73.

The full article is here.  Myrtle Beach officials have been lobbying for some sort of interstate for 30 years. More back story including the text of a 1986 write-up from the Wilmington Star-News in our first report below. 

First Report: Looking at our Twitter feed, one tweet, this morning, caught my eye. Dan Golden, and editorial writer for The Sun News tweeted, '1986 article on interstate to Grand Strand: "Highway to beach may never be built"'

The link was to a December 1986 Star-News article found on Google's News Archive project. It's a pretty interesting read, filled with some blast from the past name dropping, including that of Strom Thurmond. The article highlights plans to create an interstate to Florence from the Grand Strand. At the time their estimates were that it would take 15 years to complete the 69 mile road project and the cost of the project would have only been $426 million dollars. One of the current estimates for the I-73 corridor from I-95 to S.C. 22 has the cost at $1.29 billion

Head on over to the Google Archive and read the 1986 article, also checkout our I-73 topic page for all the drama that has occurred in just the past seven months. 

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