Alcohol, food, plus laundromat? Say what?

Image by Flickr user romanlilyImage by laundry.jpg I won't have to stare at this for entertainment any more.

This just in: The laundromat and bar project for downtown Charleston is a go.

Dubbed "Dirty Laundry," Charleston's first full-service bar and laundromat will also jazz up your taste buds with their delectable "living room cuisine."

Creators Jason Cronen (who you might know from the Carrotmob or Green Drinks Charleston) and Billy Pope are still finalizing a spot but plan to open in mid-2010. The space will sport energy-efficient laundry equipment and a one-of-a-kind t-shirt art gallery.

Though they're still being shy on where, we have it on good account that this will be south of the Crosstown.

Finally laundry trips may be almost bearable, provided I don't drop some nachos into the spin cycle.

We'll keep you posted.

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