Burwell's opening rooftop bar for friends affected by 213 East Bay Fire

Just spotted this bit of news in a press release from the Burwell's crew:

We wanted to update you on the events down here on the Market following the Tuesday morning fire.

Obviously many business places and jobs were lost, and the hearts of others sunk too. Mine was no exception. I began getting text early that morning, and didn't understand what the first few even meant. So few details... just fire.

I came to work and saw all the fire trucks on East Bay. Soon I'd realize it was three of my favorite places gone. If you are in Food & Beverage, likely your friends were in one of those four bars. I loved squeeze and Brick, and Speakeasy was my favorite. I enjoyed taking staff to Squeeze or Brick after work. As well, our bartender played in a band there form time to time. Great drinks and good fun is always a winner, though the science on the second floor won my business heart. They became close friends and minds to bounce ideas off of. If you live in Charleston, you know the "Science and Harmony" of Joe Joe and Jon Calo. These two are magicians with anything to do with spirits.

I began building Burwell's a couple years ago, and I first met Jon Calo at Cocktail Club. I'd go there often following a long day at work, and watching him work was relaxing for me. In one word, I'd say FOCUS. That's me too... extremely focused, head down, attention to detail, and everything possible to make an experience and not just a dinner or cocktail. Certain people that shoot from the hip, work from scratch, create things from nothing, and pay tremendous attention to the details that make ordinary extraordinary. Jon moved on to another scientific craft cocktail club, and I followed - the Speakeasy. There I got to meet his new like in cocktail craft - Joe Joe Fahey. Another great bartender, but more importantly great people. There is something extraordinary about them knowing what you want, and even making what you want a little different each time. I was there often to wind down after work along with teams from nearly every other restaurant in town. I wasn't the only one loving their genius. You could tell that they loved what they do, and do what they do for that love. We spoke many, many times about others saying "take a day off." There is no such thing as a day off when you love what you do - every day is a day off! That is the gift, and the rapport we found in one another.

Tuesday morning was a morning we'll never forget. My favorite place gone! And their "unwanted - day off." When you love to do something you never look forward to a day off, certainly not one that comes by fire. This was their science lab. This was where all their friends came. This is where they felt at their best. This is where they threw well crafted parties for friends, peers, and fellow F&B lovers. It was their HOME. I know the same for the other three local bars.

I was sad, even selfish for a second... "where will I go tonight?" Then I immediately thought, "where will they go?" It made my heart sink. Imagine you home - GONE. These are our homes you know. We live here. We spend almost all our waking hours here. We built them. Our pride lives in them. Our future is in them. We sleep at what most call our home, yet these brick and mortar buildings are more our home than anyplace else. Their home was gone, and that must be heart stopping moment.

I decided to merely show that I felt for them and had walked in their shoes. I invited them over that evening, as I had placed a "red light" atop Burwell's to honor what that place meant to this town. A place where everyone knew your name. No sign. No marketing. Just an intense focus on their own four walls and all that goes on inside. A lot like Burwell's... We had that philosophy. We opened with no sign. We're not a media darling. Yet, we absolutely blew our guests away with our from scratch approach, love for the guest, a drive to add experience, and attention to detail. When they almost wept at the gesture, I thought to go a step further... "let me show you something."

I walked them to our roof top that was nearing completion. No lights, no bar, no drinks, no coolers, no liquor... their eyes lit up. I said, "If you help me get this together, I'd like to help you get back to doing what you do for this great town." Needless to say, we worked 24/7. We were done Friday at 8 pm.

These two rocked on Bridge Run Saturday. So gifted in fact, the party on that rooftop bar booked the patio for their 2014 after Bridge Run party. We could not be happier to help the Market community, these two great guys, and make Burwell's an even better place in the process. I am so pleased to announce that you can find Jon Calo and Joe Joe Fahey here at Burwell's Stone Fire Grill, doing their magic 7 nights a week and during the day on weekends.

The smile is back! They have a home, they want to see friends again, and they invite you for one of those "cocktail parties" that make you feel so special or wind down from work.

Thank you all and please come say hi to Jon and Joe Joe! While they are confused a

Also thanks to News Channel 4, Low Country Live Team, and Stephanie at City Paper for shining a light on this difficult time for anyone that was involved with 213 East Bay. Thanks to Moe's and those at Fleet Landing that began a lot of all that is popping up.

We will continue to update you as I know we are doing a Friday evening this week for those involved, and a huge event next Thursday the 18th. That night we plan to bring all those from 213 East Bay and let the evening be about them. Yes, we are making donations... but we just want to appreciate them and let them have some fun. Jon Calo and Joe Joe felt like they wanted to welcome these neighbors and insure them that they are still in their thoughts.

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