Business is some areas struggles while locals hope social media will prompt change

photo by flickr user Tommy Ironic

Another Myrtle Beach shopping center struggles as it was sold in foreclosure last week, and empty storefronts in Carolina Forest seem to be multiplying. 

It's been suggested that businesses fail due to their lack of preparation to weather tough economic conditions.  Another opinion is that a stall in population growth is to blame.  But could it be that no one is listening to what Myrtle Beach residents want?

On Facebook, there are four groups dedicated to attracting a Trader Joe's to the Myrtle Beach Area.   Bring Trader Joe's to Myrtle Beach has 60 members.  Trader Joe's - Bring Trader Joe's to Myrtle Beach has 157 members.  The We want a Trader Joe's in Myrtle Beach group has 118 members and Please, please, please open a Trader Joe's in Myrtle Beach has 165 members. 

We may have missed out on the Two Buck Chuck craze, but wine anyone?

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