Craigslist: Online classifieds done right

Ed's note: For some of you, this story will elicit the not-quite word 'duh,' but there are many who have yet to discover the wonder that is Craigslist.

If you like eBay, then you'll love Craigslist. It's like eBay, only less bidding and with the possibility for haggling and instant gratification. Essentially it's online classifieds done right.

Need to sell that old couch? List it 2 minutes. No hassles, no fees, and it's up there in 15 minutes, not two days. Beautiful.

Jobs. Personals. Events. Free. Simple. Quick. -- And with images and decent search. Lovely.

So, head over to Charleston's Craigslist to sell your old stuff or buy some new stuff. And maybe goof off for a hot second and check out the missed connections.

But, just remember, you're online and if it's sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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