Downtown Charleston-based SIB Development & Consulting Launches the SIB $25,000 Performance Guarantee Program

CHARLESTON, SC--(Marketwire - Jan 4, 2012) - SIB Development & Consulting, a company that helps businesses save money on their recurring expenses, today announced a program to guarantee $25,000 in yearly savings for new clients or SIB will make up the difference.

SIB helps businesses save money by negotiating better contracts for recurring monthly service expenses (phone, Internet, garbage, utilities, hardware and software maintenance contracts, and others), and by finding and correcting errors and overcharges on past monthly bills. SIB's clients only pay after they have realized actual monthly savings.

The Performance Guarantee program works like this: A new client -- with a minimum of 10 locations or 200 employees -- hires SIB to find savings in its regular recurring expenses. If SIB cannot find $25,000 in yearly savings it will pay the difference in cash.

"Based on our track record, we are so confident in our ability to save businesses money that we are willing to put our own money where our mouth is," said SIB Development Founder Dan Schneider. "This is an absolute no risk proposition. Businesses don't have to pay us a dime up front, and they are guaranteed to save at least $25,000 the first year we work with them."

Schneider says most business owners -- especially ones with multiple locations or many employees -- do not have the time or in-house expertise to find billing errors and to understand the best prices and plans available for monthly services. "Not only can we help find and correct complex billing errors, we can benchmark what businesses are paying with what we know are the best available rates and plans on the market. We have a 98% success rate," he said.

Typical SIB clients include multi-unit franchisees, hospital organizations, grocery store chains, retailers, and private equity groups to name a few. SIB typically saves its clients well into the six figures yearly.

About SIB Development & Consulting

SIB Development & Consulting, Inc. provides access to industry experts in many fields to reduce expenses and recoup overpayments. Unlike other consulting firms, SIB's business model allows them to bill based on a percentage of the savings they find.

Through expert analysis, SIB will discover if businesses have overpaid or are currently overpaying on phone, Internet, waste removal, utilities, hardware and software maintenance contracts, and other recurring bills.

Learn more about SIB Development Expense Management and Cost Reduction by clicking here.

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