Hey Charleston businesses: TheDigitel announces a 'Holiday Stimulus Ad Package'

With the advent of this holiday season, we are running a special holiday rate on advertising. For any contract signed before December 31, 2010 priced at $200/month or more, you will receive 20% off each month for the duration of the signed contract.

Yes, that means you will reap these holiday benefits well beyond the holiday season. More months, more savings. $200 worth of advertising for the price of $160 with the ability to reach 20,000 potential customers? I think that calls for some holiday cheer.

This Holiday Stimulus Ad Package is our way of doing what we can to boost the local economy. We understand the importance of getting your brand recognized as well as the importance of keeping some cash in your pocket, so think of this as our holiday present to you. We are extending this offer to any business that would like to boost their holiday presence on top of a solid ad campaign that will stretch beyond the holiday rush. As always, we will find the needs of your business and create a unique and versatile ad campaign that will work for you.

Check out our Media Kit for more information and general rates and contact Meredith at meredith.nordhem@thedigitel.com for any questions and to schedule an appointment to get you started on this stellar offer.

Happy holidays!

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