Huge business: Tire manufacturing in South Carolina

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South Carolina has recently become the nation's number one tire exporter and it's likely in the next couple years that it will also become the nation's number one tire manufacturer. 

As for why South Carolina has been so lucky, it's a mix, but it's being attributed to an ease of working in the state, no unions, and being a good location to import and export big and heavy things.

The State has a robust profile on the changing industry scene; take a read here.

Even the Myrtle Beach area has a connection to the tire industry. Diamondback Tires in Conway has been making specialty tires for many years. Dealing mainly in the old school white wall tires, Diamondback Tires has made themselves as a staple among the hot rod enthusiast throughout the country. You can check out their Facebook page here.  They are located at 4753 Hwy 90, Conway, SC. 

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