Port of Georgetown too shallow for heavy use (Update: Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway experiencing simular issues)

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Update 5/13: Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway is experiencing some of the same problems as the Port of Georgetown. WPDE News Channel 15 has done an excellent job with the story of lack of funding for a fedral project.   


First report: The Port of Georgetown is caught in the proverbial Catch-22. Heavy shippers, including ArcelorMittal Steel, can't use it because the depth has decreased by 6 feet. But the Army Corp of Engineers won't allocate the required funds to dredge because it's deemed "low use". 

With all of the current media attention on the Port of Charleston,  it's easy to forget that Georgetown has a full scale port of it's own. Gina Vasselli of The Sun News tells us more about what politicians want the port dredged and how much it will cost. Read it here.

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