Surfside mayor bringing bingo to downtown Myrtle Beach

Darwin Bell

The mayor of Surfside Beach, Allen Deaton, owns commercial property in the heart of downtown and he wants it rezoned to allow for a combination bingo and auction business. It sounds like it will sail through without a hitch.

Lorena Anderson of The Sun News tells us more. Read it here.

Why is this news? Well it is interesting that the mayor of Surfside owns commercial property in the city limits and he is putting a fair amount of effort into getting the zoning changed. All while he currently has a church as tenant. But there is some confusion as to whether or not bingo is gambling. For bingo to be legal in South Carolina, it must adhere to these rules:

  • the nonprofit organization conducting the game has completed the application as described in Section 12 21 3940 and the application has been approved by the department; 
  • the promoter under contract with the nonprofit organization is licensed properly with the department; 
  • the nonprofit organization presents to the department upon application a certified copy of the statement issued by the Internal Revenue Service exempting it from federal income taxation; 
  • the game is conducted in accordance with the provisions of Sections 12 21 3990 and 12 21 4000 and approved cards are used.

Is bingo gambling? What are your thoughts on bringing casino games to Myrtle Beach?

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