The thank you list: Local shops and groups you should be supporting

A friend asked me what we're planning to do to say thank you to our supporters, the knee jerk reaction was to think about what nonsensical trinket we could give them, but then I realized what we should really give them: more business.

The places I list below are all great shops that Charleston wouldn't be just as nice without. When you're doing your holiday shopping keep them in mind because shopping there will keep them in business and us.

And, sadly, a number of our supporters haven't managed to stay in business to reach this holiday season. So here's a reminder that when you're deciding on where to spend your cash, be sure to spend some of it at the places you don't want to see go ... because if you don't they just might disappear.

And we also want to thank all those out there that have supported us with their time and energy. Be you a reader or someone who's helped us with sweat equity, we couldn't have done it without you.

Oh and do note that these are all non-events and places that have advertised within the last three months (we had to draw the line somewhere, you know) but if you still feel slighted that you're not on there, just drop us a note and we'll happily add you. 

The list of greats (in no particular order)

Ted's Butcher Block: Fabulous meats (including some awesome house made sausage), great specials, and you can gift the Bacon of the Month Club

Baked: Awesome cakes, cupcakes (who'd have thought salty would be so awesome?), biscuits, and -- well -- everything the bake is great. They're coffee ain't nothing to sneeze at either.

Terrace Theatre: With the addition of the Hippodrome I guess it's time to start calling them Terrace Theatres. But not only have these guys come through for TheDigitel, but they really helped out when our videographer got all of his video equipment swiped. -- If you need more of reason to take your visiting family to their theaters over the rest, know that the Hippodrome is the only theater in downtown and has the largest indoor screen in town, and the James Island shows films that just won't play at anywhere else in town.

Pure Theatre: They put on some great productions at one of the best venues in town: The Circular Congregational Church. Catch a show there and it's not even a short walk to all sorts of dining and drinking options.

PDA: Production Design Associates does the best entertainment production in town, and perhaps even the region.

Rehava: If you're in the market to buy or sell a home then you should really consider their commission-discounting and technologically slick options. Plus they get serious geek bonus points for using Drupal.

Taco Boy: Two locations. One is a stone's throw to Folly Beach's sand, the other near the foot of the Ravenel Bridge. But have darn tasty food.

Social Wine Bar: It's a bar that knows its wine. If you're into wine and haven't been there yet, it's time.

Charleston Young Professionals: A great way to connect with other young and not-so young professionals that can help foster your career.

Lowcountry Local First: Reminding that if we don't put local first, no one will.

American Apparel: Not headquartered locally, but they do practice ethical factory practices and they help bring you this local Web site.

Hope and Union: Our newest supporter. This coffee shop on upper St. Philip Street not only gives the neighborhood something its been missing for years, but makes a great cup of whatever your caffeinated taste buds are craving. And they do it all in an environment that's subdued and relaxed. 


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